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Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy and other counseling services are available for clients of all ages; including individual, couples, and families.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Sessions
Reiki & Acupressure Sessions
Group Discussion
Reiki Classes

Reiki sessions involve a brief review of your situation and then we work to help you tap into your inner healing abilities.

Learn the history and methods of Reiki to perform on yourself and others.  More advanced training is also available.

Holistic Counseling Services Offers:

  • Access to psychiatric services and medication management.

  • Integrative treatment for individuals that have both mental health and substance abuse issues.

  • Trauma treatment from a qualified and highly trained professional.

  • A clinical professional that has experience working with a variety of different individuals and who feels everyone no matter age, race, sexual orientation, or economic status deserves affordable and quality services.

  • Payment plans are available for all services.

  • Self-pay clients who have insurance are only charged co-pay fees for services.

  • Self-pay clients are offered community based services for a fee slightly higher than office based services.

Have questions or need to know more about the full range of services available at Holistic Counseling Services?

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Working Together toward Harmony and Balance

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