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How I discovered Reiki

I was feeling lost and not sure where or what I should do. I kept seeing ads on Facebook for Energy Healing and began researching this concept. I spoke to my husband and he encouraged me to pursue my interest. I enrolled and began studying and found a section on Reiki Energy. There was something that just drew me to this method. I searched the internet for someone who did Reiki sessions and told my husband. Very honestly, I was too afraid to have a session done so I asked my husband if he would go first. Now, my husband is very skeptical so I knew he would know if it actually worked or not. He came back and told me that there was something to it.

I scheduled an appointment and afterwards I had the same impression. I couldn’t explain it, but I felt a change inside; a shift of something and was drawn to learn more. After consulting with my husband, he told me to learn Reiki if this is what I was wanting to do. I enrolled and learned Reiki level I & II and afterword, I learned animal Reiki. We then moved to a different city and I found someone closer to me who also taught Reiki. After a lot of practice and reaching a point where I felt ready, I enrolled and learned to be a Reiki Master and then a Reiki Master Teacher. I continued my studies and learned Acupressure as a compliment to the Reiki Energy. I began studying how I could incorporate Reiki Energy and Acupressure into counseling sessions. Reiki Energy works both as a hands-on method sometimes referred to as touch therapy and as a distant method where no touch is required. I utilize both methods in my practice depending on the person and the situation.

The feedback that I have received is that the energy is very relaxing and some have even described it as being “better than a spa treatment.” I have also been told that Reiki alone has helped some with pain management. Others have been so relaxed on the massage table during the Reiki-Acupressure session that they have fallen asleep. I view this as a great compliment in that the individual truly trusts me. Again, this is just what I have noticed and what has been reported. I do not ask those I treat to leave any messages due to my confidentiality rules and those of HIPAA. To those who question the validity of these descriptions, I invite you to schedule an appointment and have your own experience.

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