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Holistic Counseling Services


Holistic Counseling Services was formed in 2019 by our owner, Jackie Miller, as part of her dream to help others in their time of need. The dream was to offer a different sort of therapy, one where the clinician walks with the client through the process of treating Mind, Body and Soul.  A practice open to all clients regardless of circumstances and situation, so long as the client is willing to put in the work.  With the help of our Director of Clinical Supervision and owner of Life by Design Counseling, Tonya Ramsey, Jackie was able to complete her license that same year.


Just before the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the decision was made to move buildings to where Holistic Counseling Services is housed now. Despite the difficulties the whole world faced at the time, Jackie persevered. She continued to bring on new staff and clinicians, all with similar goals to help our community, and has worked tirelessly the past few years to shape Holistic Counseling Services into the practice it is today.

Part of our goal from the very start has been being able to provide services for underprivileged and underserved populations. We recognize that transportation can be an obstacle for some, especially for those who aren't physically able to drive themselves, or those who have to rely on third party transportation to make it to appointments. Because of this, one of our key components is our clinicians' ability to travel to clients' homes to meet with them personally. We offer these services to clients who live in Rock County and Jefferson County.

Our primary focus as a practice is the treatment of trauma. We've found that even in this age of modern technology and accessible information, the majority of our population still doesn't understand the intricacies of trauma and how to deal with it in a healthy manner. We want to help our clients become the best selves they can be, at a pace they are comfortable moving in, until they feel they are comfortable and stable enough to continue on without the need for counseling.

Holistic Counseling Services doesn't just guide clients, however; we also guide our very own clinicians. The majority of our staff are trainees working toward full licensure. We opened our doors to the idea of providing trainees with supervision and help back in 2020 after noticing a severe shortage in mental health professionals during the mental health crisis burgeoning from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Ever since, we have dedicated ourselves to helping trainees work toward full licensure, ensuring to the best of our capabilities that our community be served during their time of need, with the goal of helping our trainees get to the finish line and pass their National Counseling Exam (NCE).

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