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Megan Meskan, MSW, APSW

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Megan was born and raised in Janesville. Enlisting in the Army at the age of 17, Megan served as a truck driver and spent a year in Kuwait and Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. This early exposure to different cultures profoundly shaped her worldview, expanding her perspective beyond the familiar confines of the Midwest.

Her educational journey took her through Beloit College, where she earned degrees in Psychology and Legal Studies, and later, Aurora University, where she attained her Masters in Social Work.  Megan's professional path is a testament to her versatility, having navigated through nursing, memory care, and law enforcement before ultimately finding her true purpose in social work.

Megan's professional journey also includes a Masters internship with the VA in the PTSD clinic, offering her valuable insights into the complexities of mental health. With over four years of dedicated service in the Jefferson County Community Support program, Megan has honed her skills in psychotherapy, DBT, CBT, BA, ACT, EIMR, and mindfulness. She has worked with individuals aged 10 and up, addressing a spectrum of diagnoses, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, personality disorders, and schizophrenia, among others.  Driven by an unwavering passion to empower individuals, Megan is dedicated to guiding them towards their best selves.

An avid traveler, Megan has explored the globe, from Argentina as an exchange student to Norway, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Mexico. Closer to home, she embarks on road trips with her husband, enjoying the diversity of landscapes—be it the beach, the woods, or the mountains, finding solace and renewal in nature.

Megan's story, enriched by her military service and extensive travels, reflects a therapist who not only understands but deeply connects with the human experience, offering a unique and empathic approach to healing and growth.

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